Where's the Popcorn?

Katie's Movie Files

Wedding Video

Wedding Video
A short video of photos from my wedding October 18, 2008. Photos and video created by the ever awesome James Cook Photography.

Misc. Files

Caleb Jumping 1
A video of Caleb and I jumping. I took this when asked by someone interested when Caleb was for sale. It had been several years since I'd done any jumping so my form leaves a little something to be desired, but it was still fun.

Caleb Jumping 2
Sale video #2 of Caleb jumping.

Caleb Jumping 3
Sale video #3 of Caleb jumping. I do remember I topped out at 3'3". That was high enough for a gal so out of practice.

Sleigh Ride
OK, so this one would be better dubbed Sled Ride. This was when I was first trying to teach Caleb to drive, so I worked with what I had. :)


Driving 1
This is the first video from driving school. It shows me taking a team of Belgians around some cones in an obstacle course.

Driving 2
This is the second video from driving school. It shows another part of the obstacle course, with me backing the team through a set of cones. On the first try they were butts, but we managed on the second go. :)


Kota 2
Kota trotting around the round pen. Not too exciting, but he's such a cute little bugger. :)

Kota 3
I've been working with Kota to teach him rollbacks. We've only worked at it a few times, and neither of us really know what we're doing, so considering that, I think he's doing very well.

Caleb 2
Caleb working in the round pen. I'd originally hoped to get some nice leg yields, but alas, I only got one. Although seeing as this is the first time Caleb's seen any real work in about 2 months now, I can't really blame him for not being on the ball.

Caleb 3
Caleb throwing a fit at my asking him to do leg yields after 2 months off. Really wasn't very fair of me, I admit, but then, life's not fair. ;)


Kota 1
This is me playing with Kota in the round pen. He decided it was much easier to just not go around the barrels, and he was quite pleased with himself for figuring that out. :) The music cuts abruptly from the intro to the chorus, but I had to make the chorus line up perfectly. It fits so well. :)

Caleb 1
Caleb's generally not quite as solid on ground work as Kota is, but dang does he have a nice stop on him. Caleb's music isn't quite as good as Kota's, but he needed something, and this works well enough. :)


The Happy Peacock
This was a little stop-motion film I did as a project for one of my classes. It gets a bit blurry in places, but not bad for a few hour's work and a first attempt.